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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Numerical Expressions - Math 6 Module


Giving the Meaning of Expression and Translating Word Phrases to Numerical Expressions

I. Learning Objectives

Cognitive: Define expression

Translate word phrases to numerical expressions

Psychomotor: Write the correct numerical expressions

Affective: Appreciate good deeds of past presidents

II. Learning Content

Skills: 1. Defining expressions

2. Translating mathematical phrases to expressions

References: BEC PELC A. 1.1.1

Materials: Interactive PowerPoint presentation, chart, stopwatch, pictures of Philippine Presidents,

Value: Nationalism

III. Learning Experiences

A. Preparatory Activities

1. Drill on Giving Terms or Phrases that Refer to Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division

Game: "Name-the-Baby"

a) Divide the class into 2 groups.

b) Teacher gives an operation, say "addition."

c) Each member's of the groups simultaneously goes to the board and writes a term or phrase that refers to the given operation.

Ex more than, increased by, plus, added to

d) Within 2 minutes, each group has to write as many terms or phrases as they can. Afterwards, teacher checks and counts the correct answers.

e) Repeat the same process with subtraction, multiplication and division.

f) The group with the most number of correct answers wins.

2. Motivation

a) Let the pupils name the different Presidents of the Philippine from Emilio Aguinaldo to Noynoy Aquino. Show them the pictures of the different presidents and let them identify each.

b) Ask: What expression describes Emilio Aguinaldo?

(The President of the First Philippine Republic)

What expression describes Manuel L. Quezon?

(President of the Philippine Commonwealth) etc.

Ask the same questions with other Presidents.

c) Why should we remember our past Presidents?

d) If we use expressions to describe the Presidents, we also use expressions in Mathematics, to describe relationships between numbers and the operations being used.

B. Developmental Activities

1. Presentation

Use the Numerical Expressions - Math 6 Module (Powerpoint Presentation for Interactive Whiteboard)

Present the lesson using the activity cards below:

a. Activity 1 - Use of Chart

Study the chart below.




(Four times ten) divided by five

(4 x 10) ÷ 5

Twelve diminished by two

12 — 2

(Six times three) added to seven

7 + (6 x 3)

Eight added to the product of five and three

8 + (3 x 5)

Twenty five added to two

25 + 2

(Three times twenty-five) less twenty

(3 x 25) - 20

Thirty-six divided by six; 36 has how many 6

36 ÷ 6

(Thirty-nine added to three) divided by seven

(39+3) ÷ 7

Ask: What are the mathematical terms used in the phrases? What terms denote addition? subtraction? multiplication? division?

b. Activity 2 - "Create Your Own" (By Pairs)

1) Each student in class thinks of 3 mathematical phrases involving at least 2 operations. (Use only whole numbers.)

Ex. 25 more than the product of 6 and 41

Product of the sum and difference of 8 and 5

2) Then he/she exchanges with a partner and translates the mathematical phrases into expressions.

3) Check answers.

2. Practice Exercises

Write an expression for the following:

1) your age less three

2) your age plus nine

3) your age plus twice your age

4) thrice your age

5) your age plus your seatmate's age

3. Generalization

What is an expression?

How do you translate word phrases into an expression?

C. Application

Write an expression for the following:

1) In a film showing sponsored by the dramatic club, a ticket is P50 for nonmembers. The cost is P5 more for members.

2) The ticket in a boat for adult in going to the province is P1700. The cost for children is half the price of the adult.

3) The cost of a salted egg is P6.50. If one buys a dozen, each egg cost P6.

IV. Evaluation

Direction: Which expression is correct? Choose between A or B.

1. The sum of eleven and nineteen.

A. 11 x 19 B. 11 + 19

2. Eight decreased by five

A. 8 - 5 B. 8 x 5

3. Twelve plus thirty-six

A. 12 + 36 B. 12 x 36

4. Five less than seven

A. 5 x 7 B. 7 - 5

5. Four times the sum of two and five

A. 4 x (2 + 5) B. 4 x (5 - 2)

Direction: Write the expression for the following.

1. Seventy-five decreased by five

2. Fourteen divided by the sum of three and four

3. Triple the sum of eleven and six

4. One more than the product of six and eight

5. Twenty plus five less than eighty

Direction: Write an expression for each problem/situation.

1. Helen is thirteen years old. Helen's father is four years more than twice her age.

2. Edna is 155 cm. tall. Lilia's height is ten cm. less then twice Edna's height.

3. Roman weighs 25 kg. His father weighs five kg. less than three times Roman's weight.

4. Francis is ten years old. Ben is twice as old as Francis.

5. Aning is five years old. I am six years more than thrice her age.

V. Assignment

Write five examples of mathematical phrases with their corresponding translation to numerical expressions.

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