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Interactive Ppt - Evaluating Expression Using Order of Operations

Mathematics Lesson Plan for Grade 6 and Ppt Interactive for Whiteboards
a. Activity I — Naming the Baby
Direction: Use any of the four fundamental operations in giving the possible equation
Example: 20
Possible Answers: 20 = 4 x 5; 20 = 1 x 20; 2 x 10 = 20; 40÷2 = 20; 100÷5=20; 15+5=20; 18+2=20; 17+3=20
a) Form 4 groups.
b) The teacher flashes a card having 2-digit number.
c) Each group decides within 60 seconds for their answer.
d) One member of each group simultaneously goes to the board and writes their answers within 60 seconds.
e) The group with the most number of correct answers wins.
b. Activity 2— Stating the Equation
Direction: State an equation for a situation
Example: For the next 7 years Minerva turns 27 years old. How old is she now?
3. Motivation
Ask the pupils about the occupation of their parents. Let them tell how they help their parents earn a living.
B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
a. Activity I — Use of Role Play in a Sari-Sari Store
Jethro is helping his mother in their store when a delivery man comes and delivers 20 dozens of eggs at P42 a dozen. If the delivery man gives him P160, how much is his money? Is he right asking for P260, if his money is P1000? Why?
a) Who helps mother in the store?
b) Who delivers dozens of eggs?
c) How many dozens of eggs are delivered to them?
d) If you were Jethro:
• will you help your family earn a living? Why?
• will you keep the change given by the delivery man? Why?
2) Have each pair of pupils act it out using play money and ask them to answer the following:
a) What are the given data?
b) What are the operations to be used?
3) Lead each pair of pupils to think of an expression related to the problem.
4) Let them evaluate the expression they have formulated?
P160 + P840
P1000 money of Jethro
5) Require them to analyze which operation they use before arriving at the exact change.
b. Activity 2- Use of Test Items
Tita was absent for a week because she was sick. When she went to school, she had to take a test. Few of the items given are shown below.
a. 2 x 3 + 4 d. 35 – 6 x 3
b. 7 x 9 - 3 e. 3 x 2 + 4
c. 18 – 12 ÷ 2 f. 48 ÷ 12 + 8
Can you answer these? Let us try to answer the items.
1) Ask each pair of pupils answer the following questions:
a) What facts are given?
b) What operations are in a problem? Which operation comes first? Which operation will you do first?
2) Guide each pair of pupils evaluate the expressions.
a. 2x3+4= b. 7x9-3 c. 18-12÷2
6 + 4 63 - 3 18 - 6
10 60 12
d. 35-6x3 e. 3x2+4 f. 48÷12+8
35 - 18 6 + 4 4 + 8
17 10 12
3) Lead each pair of pupils analyze how to arrive at the answer.
2. Practice Exercises/Fixing Skills
Evaluate the expression.
a. 8+4-2
b. 5x8-4`
c. 65-91=7
d. 723x8
e. 67+33-25
3. Generalization:
How do we evaluate an expression with two different operations without exponents and parenthesis/grouping symbols?
C. Application
Write an expression about the problems. Then evaluate the expression.
a) In a certain eatery, there are 5 glass racks having 24 glasses and 8 left over. The answer says she has 130 glasses in all. Is she right? Why?
b) Use the number less than 7 once to make the expression right.
! x ! - !
! - !
c) Write the operation in the box to make the expression right.
81 ! 9 ! 7
81 ! 63
IV. Evaluation
Evaluate the following expressions.
1. 4x3+8 6. 7x8+130
2. 84÷3x4 7. 195÷3x5
3. 76-8+5 8. 3+83-73
4. 53+7-20 9. 76-8x9
5. 3x5÷25 10. 90x5÷75


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