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Monday, May 27, 2013

Revised School-based Management (SBM) Assessment Tool

(Version 1. as of August 5, 2012)
The Revised School-Based Management (SBM) Assessment tool is guided by the four principles of ACCESs (A Child- and Community- Centered Education System). The indicators of SBM practice were contextualized from the ideals of an ACCESs school system. The unit of analysis is the school system, which may be classified as beginning, developing or advanced (accredited level). The SBM practice is ascertained by the existence of structured mechanisms, processes and practices in all indicators. A team of practitioners and experts from the district, division, region and central office validates the self-study/assessment before a level of SBM practice is established. The highest level- “advanced” is a candidacy for accreditation after a team of external validators confirmed the evidence of practices and procedures that satisfies quality standards.

Download Revised SBM Assessment Tool

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