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Friday, May 11, 2012

Interactive Math Lesson - Finding the Base (PowerPoint Presntation)

Lesson Title: Finding the Base when the Percentage and Rate are Given
File: Interactive PowerPoint presentation
Grade: 6

A. Preparatory Activity Suggestions:
1. Drill on renaming percent to decimal - Search for Gold
Prepare 10 flashcards with percents, 4 sets of answer sheets with columns for percent and decimal
a. Form 4 teams with equal number of members.
b. Give each leader of the team sets of ten (10) flashcards having the same question.
Sample:    75% in decimal is ________.
                375% in decimal is _______.
c. The members of the team work together to answer the sets of flashcards and published their answer sheets as soon as they are through.
d. The teacher checks the published answer together with the class.
e. The team with perfect scores gets a GOLD of star shape ART PAPER.

2. Review on Dividing Whole Numbers by Decimals
Activity I — Cooperative Work
Materials:    4 sets of 2- flashcards having division of whole numbers by decimals, 4 sets of manila paper, 4 pentel pens
a. Ask each leaders of the team gets 2 flashcards having whole number by a decimal.
b. The members of team solve for the quotient and write the solution on a manila paper to be published on the board.
Activity 2— Cooperative Work
Prepare the following materials: 4 sets of 2 flashcards having division of whole numbers by decimals, 4 sets of manila paper, 4 pentel pens, answer sheet published on the board with columns of dividend, divisor and quotient. The columns of dividend and divisor have data.
a. Each leader of the team gets flashcards having quotient for the team to divide the published data on the board.
b. As soon as the team gets through they write their solution on the manila paper.
c. They publish their solution and quotient corresponding to the data of dividend and divisor on the answer sheet.

Then, use this interactive PowerPoint presentation "Finding the Base when the Percentage and Rate are Given" for Developmental Activities, Fixing Skills, Generalization, Application, Evaluation and Homework.

Watch this video first before downloading the Pptx.
Finding the Base (Interactive PowerPoint Presentation)

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