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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Electric and Water Consumption - Interactive Math Lesson (Powerpoint)

Lesson: Electric and Water Consumption
File: Interactive Powerpoint
Grade: 5-6

Slide 1:
1. Read and interpret electric meter and water meter
2. Solve for the electric and water consumptions

Slide 2:
What electrical appliances do you have at home?
How much do your parents pay for your monthly electric bill?
How would you help lessen your electric consumption?

Slide 3:
Move your hand clockwise.
Now, move your hand counter clockwise.
Slide 4: Read and Interpret Electric Meter using interactive models
Slide 5: Sample Problem:
The Matipid family monitors closely their electric consumption. This month, the reading on their dial is 5634, last month it was 5554. How many Kwh was used?

Slide 6:
a) What are given?
b) How do you find the answer?
c) What is the answer?

Slide 7:
To find the electric consumption:
Present reading minus previous reading

Slide 8:
Study the table and compute the Kwh used.

Slide 9:
1) Which household consumed the most? the least?
2) Which two household consumed almost the same kwh? What can you say about their bill?
3) As a member of the household, how can you lower your electric bill?
4) Why is it important to use electricity wisely?

Slide 10:
How do the dials of the electric meter move?
How do you read the dials of a meter?
How do you find the electric consumption?

Slide 11:
Let’s Apply
Draw a dial to show the readings.
Get the difference of:
1 and 2
3 and 4
4 and 5

Slide 12:
Use this dials to get the previous and present reading. Then, solve for the electric consumption.

Slide 13:
How is the volume of water consumption computed?
To find the electric consumption: Present reading minus previous reading

Slide 14:
The reading is 420 m3.
473 represents liters.
Do not read these numbers

(Exercises are included in the Presentation)

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