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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding the Area of Plane Figures - Math Module

Interactive quiz for use in Smartboards

Answer the following questions on finding the area of plane figures.

  • Find the area of a table top which measures 3.5 m and 2.7 m on its bases and 4.2 m wide.
  • An equilateral tringle has a base of 1.2 cm and a height of 10.3 cm. Find the area of the triangle.
  • A triangular lot measures 27 m by 15 m. What is its area?
  • What is the area of a parallelogram whose base measures 29.5 meters and the height is 20.6 meters?
  • A table measures 56 centimeters on each side. What is the area of the table?
Smartboards: Finding the Area of Plane Figures - Math Module

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  1. Mensuration is the most important topic of mathematics which is used to calculate the area,volume and sides of plane figures and solid figures.


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